Prins Motoren BV

For many, Kubota excavators are a familiar face when it comes to road and water construction. The heart of these machines is, of course, a Kubota engine. Prins Motoren bv is the division of Prins Maasdijk who is proud to be importer of Kubota engines.

Being importer of Kubota engines offers machine manufacturers the opportunity to quickly become the world-renowned engines to apply in their machines. In addition to Dutch machine manufacturers, Prins Motoren is very proud to be Atlas Copco Belgium among its clients.

Prins Maasdijk has a considerable amount of inventory of new diesel engines, gasoline engines and gas engines, all of which comply with the latest emission regulations. In addition, the warehouse pours out of the necessary original Kubota parts.

Kubota engines are used, inter alia, to assemble generator sets. These generatorsets also provide Prins Maasdijk. The assortment of aggregates does not stop with applications for example the construction site, but continues to provide emergency services for, for example, distribution centers, hospitals and data centers.

Prins Motoren bv is the point of contact for Kubota engines for industrial applications.

  • Emergency aggregates of 2200 kVA
  • Generator sets for data center, offices and construction site
  • Diesel engines, gasoline engines and LPG engines from 10 to 85 kW
  • Generator engines from 10 to 42 kW
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