Forklift Front Equipment

from weighing equipment to tilt bins
A forklift truck has a forks to lift the load and then move it to the desired location. In some cases, the standard forks are not handy enough, or applications are desired other than moving pallets with goods. Prins Maasdijk offers therefore special equipment suitable for forklifts. Examples of useful applications in combination with a forklift is fork weighing equipment. Via a clear display, the driver of the forklift immediately informed about the net load weight. A tilting bin and / or shovel box is an ideal application of an attachment for quick and easy emptying of a bin. The content can be waste, but also raw materials that you transport internally within your company.

Plant Fork
Forks specially intended for raising pot plants save a lot of operations in the nursery. With a plant fork, a single area of approximately three square meters of potted plants is lifted in one shift. Then they can be deployed elsewhere or go to the table for further processing. To pick up the plants afterwards and put them on the root cloth.

Plant forks are in fixed (pot) sizes, but Prins Maasdijk has also developed the VARI-VORK. The Prins VARI-VORK is the solution for growers who work with different sizes of pots. The Prins VARI-VORK is an alternative to investing again in a fixed-width pot plant fork. With the Vari Fork of Prins Maasdijk, you can customize your own customized pot plant fork in a hand-to-turn. With only one ring or wrench, adjust the forks to the size of your pots! That's another efficient investment: one pot plant fork that's always for any pot size! Of course, the Vari-Fork applies to any forklift, but in combination with a Prins forklift, internal transport within your greenhouse or nursery now offers the maximum achievable for ergonomics, minimum wheel pressure, efficiency, great maneuverability, flexibility and comfort.