Prins Mechanisatie BV

Prins Mechanisatie is the division within Prins Maasdijk with specialists in finding logistics solutions for both the GFT sector and the event industry.

The karateristics features of the Prins forklifts make it easy for gardeners and growers to choose to use these rough terrain forklift trucks either in and out of the greenhouse due to the low wheel pressure.

The event industry has also discovered the versatility of the Prins forklift truck for some time. At the temporary location where tents and / or stands appear, leaving traces is not a must. The Prins forklift truck is ideally suited to the event center as much as possible. It is not for nothing that the vulnerable sink floor of the Pieterskerk in Leiden is being driven by a Prins Elektroheftruck for the organization of the other event to be organized.

In addition to the Prins rough terrain trucks, Prins Mechanisatie is also the provider of the following logistics solutions for internal transport:

  • Industrial Forklifts
  • Warehouse trucks, such as electric pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks, stackes, reachtrucks and orderpickers
  • Sweepers
  • And applications for forklifts such as special potting forks, attachment equipment and weighing systems.
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