Prins Spacing System

The forklift trucks developed by Prins Maasdijk with their hydraulic drive, are excellent for driving very well at low speed and make this the ideal machine for widening pot plants. Prins Maasdijk therefore developed next to the renowned adjustable plant fork and the Prince forklifts also a simple-to-use Prince Spacing truck.

A sophisticated electronic control ensures that the forklift truck relies the plants at a distance to be programmed. The Prins Spacing truck is unique because it can easily be equipped with any fixed fork and takes the machine off. This is unlike conventional systems that require a much larger investment. The driver sets some parameters on the control panel such as pot size and the desired distance. Then, he or she starts with the push of a button to turn off the pot plants currently in the fork.

Quick, precise and simple. In just seconds, the pots are neatly aligned and the next shift plants can be picked up.

The great advantages of the Prinse Spacing truck are:

  • Low investments to conventional expansion forks
  • Extremely accurate
  • Applicable in combination with (al most) any fixed fork
  • For both small and large pots
  • Also works with a double fork
  • Low or no investment if pot size changes
  • Low investments when working with multiple pot sizes
  • Prins forklift Boxer, Prins forklift Electro and Prins forklift Sprinter can be used as a forward truck