Warehouse trucks

Prins Maasdijk has a very wide range of warehouse trucks including pallet trucks. Pallet trucks are available in two versions: the hand pallet truck and the electric truck.

Hand pallet truck
Prins Maasdijk offers hand pallet trucks, in particular, from the assortment of Cesab manufacturer, where Prins Maasdijk is officially an importer. The total offer of these hand pallet trucks can be found on our specially developed website: cesabvorkheftruck.nl, in addition to the forklift trucks The available models of hand pallet trucks are shown.

Electro pallet truck
For many decades, Prins Maasdijk is distributor of the Lafis (Atlet) electric pallet truck. Those pallet trucks meets the safety and technology requirements of tomorrow. The Lafis (Atlet) models are characterized by their ergonomically rounded corners and compact design. The Lafis (Atlet) electropallet trucks are already available with a width of only 66cm. With a 2000kg lift capacity, the Lafis (Atlet) electric truck trucks are a welcome guest in warehouse and trucks for loading and unloading the freight. The Lafis (Atlet) electric pallet truck is available in two versions. On the one hand, with the trusted Lafis contact key or with a personal PIN. Both versions of these electric pallet trucks display a variety of service features, battery status and hours of operation.

Prins Maasdijk is an importer of Cesab trucks, so the Cesab electric pallet trucks are also available in our range. The total range of Cesab electropallet trucks can be found on our specially developed website: cesabvorkheftruck.nl , in addition to the forklift trucks of Cesab the available models of electric pallet trucks are presented.