Weighing systems

In cooperation with RAVAS, Prins Maasdijk offers various weighing systems. Prins Maasdijk and RAVAS have bundled their expertise and Prins Maasdijk offers a comprehensive range of various weighing systems based on RAVAS developed technology.

Weighing hand pallet trucks
Weighing hand pallet trucks start with price-conscious solutions for those who carry out checkpoints a few times a day, for example, to determine shipping weights for transport documents, or to check incoming goods. The range ends with a hand pallet truck with extensive weighing features such as a counting program and the possibility of entering, for example, item codes. Which solution is most suitable for you is customized. Contact our representative and let you advise and inform you extensively.

Weighing Warehouse Trucks
Electropallet trucks and order pickers can be adapted for installation of the RPW EL weighing system. The fork construction of the truck is mechanically adjusted so that the weighing system can be built with a minimum height increase of only 5 mm forks. An indicator of choice makes it possible to read the weight on the forks and, if desired, communicate with a truck terminal or warehouse management system. From that moment on, everything that is included with the truck is directly weighted. For checking goods receipt when unloading trucks, for preventing errors during order picking, or for determining expedition weights or the occurrence of overcharging during loading of lorries. The compact digital weighing indicator, mounted at your fingertips, protected from dust, water, shock and vibration.

Weighing Forklifts
The RCS PLUS is an accurate and affordable weighing system for forklifts, more precise and cheaper than competitive hydraulic weighing systems. On a fork lift truck with a capacity of 2500 kg, the weight indicator shows in 2 kilograms increments, with a tolerance of + 5 kg. The RCS PLUS weighs by measuring pressure in the hydraulic lifting system of the forklift, temperature-compensated sensor on a valve block. The RCS PLUS measures a large number of times the oil pressure in the hydraulic system during a controlled drop of the mast, the software translates these measurements to a precise weight indication of the load on the forks. The RCS PLUS is very suitable for control weighing from the forklift truck, such as for goods acquisition, shipping weights, overload prevention, inventory management, inventory management, etc.