Safety for all

Safety inspection
Prins Maasdijk take her responsibility to help her customers work safely with the machines. For this purpose, Prins Maasdijk performs safety cuts.

Forklifts and other machinery for mobile internal transport are among the work equipment that must be periodically checked. The employer is responsible for this. The labor laws stipulate that the machines must be inspected periodically by an expert on all points that affect the safety of the machine. It leaves in the middle who this expert is. As long as there is no accident, there will be little control, but if this is the case, the Labor Inspectorate will review either and by which expert the machine has been selected

Prins Maasdijk specializes in approving your work equipment according to the standards of the VA. VA stands for Safety Labor Tools. The VA keur is a new safety inspection as of January 1, 2016, and is based on the VEBIT and the COM. The VA check is a umbrella body that certifies companies to approve the standards they have set. If your machine is fitted with a VA mark, it is indicated that it has been found by an expert at all safety points

Contact Prins Maasdijk about the possibilities to approve your machines and to ensure that you have taken your responsibilities as an employer.