Kubota Engines overview EU 2019

Kubota compact diesel engines are among the tops of the world.Kubota engines are distinguished by high performance, energy efficiency, work-saving and environmentally-friendly.
Prins Maasdijk offers seven series of Kubota engines for European applications and, accordingly, European directives.In the overview below you will find the minimum and maximum power of the engine per series.Prins Maasdijk has compiled a specification sheet for the corresponding models of engines.

The specifications of the particular engine are available in PDF format and can be accessed by selecting the diesel engine model.
Prins Maasdijk basically supplies Kubota engines out of stock, as well as the parts.For further information, we invite you to contact us.



42,0 - 55,4 kW

The 07 Series engines have been designed to comply with the most stringent regulations. The Kubota 07 Series is the best solution for your company's global marketing strategy. Kubota continuously strive to meet your needs with the experience and expertise you expect and deserve.